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Dear Reader, It is my pleasure that you have found us and you have opened the best link to a good health for your self and family. We are thrilled that we are building a healthy community one family at a time. Please pass this message to your loved ones they will thank you at last. When you are talking about Shea Butter or good body moisturizer out there DO NOT BE DECEIVEd. Listen to the people that have lived it and experience the most severe skin challenges. Otherwise, these products would not have come to life.
Our Shea Butter is organically produced and cared for from Africa at its finest & original. HPB Organic Body cream contains the finest Shea Butter with other organic herbs for superior effect. HPB-Organic Body Cream is designed for people with dry skin, eczema prone skin, ageing skin and it can be used to reduce stretch marks, and wrinkles.

Body Cream is thicker and firmer but soft and easily spread through out the skin. It comes in two sizes 4oz and 8 oz.
Body Lotion is lighter and slickly rich and luxurious. It works throughout the day on your body. Great if you are looking for something lighter. You will still enjoy the protection. It comes in two sizes. The airless bottle 5 oz. and a jar 4oz.
Hair Cream is brown in color because of the nutrient (herbs) added for more effect. It is so different from synthetic product but organically strenghting and protecting your hair follicles and cuticles from damaging and healthy hair grow. It also keep your hair moisturized without building dirt on your scalp.
Body Cleanser is made from black soap for cleansing of your skin. It has been modified to purest gentility to complement your natural oil in order to build a new and beautiful skin. The result is amazing
Night Face Cream is a remedy at the end of your day when you are ready to hit the bed. Apply a small amount and rub it throughout your face and neck and let it work through the night. Next day, look inside the mirror and see how your face look plum and fresh
Hair Shampoo is made from black soap for cleansing of your hair with other gentle botanical surfactant and oils. It has been modified to purest gentility to complement your naturally produce sebum and at the same time removed dirty and products build up from your hair.

Hair Condition is essential for your hair. We have two types of hair conditioner leave in and rinse out
Lip Balm and Hand moisturizer: Two in one. You will love the gentility and texture in your hands. although all of our items are made with edible ingredients, but this balm is extral.

Personal Exprience Your skin is the major protector of your whole body system. You should be concerned on what you put on atopically because your skin is the largest organ to your blood stream.
Most beauty products out there are just for beauty without consideration for health implication. With HPB Organic, be rest assured that your health is not compromised but beautiful and healthy.
The known that it's 100% natural with no synthetic is mind settleing for my customers.
This cream is magic if given a chance to repair skin organically. This cream is recommended for everyone with interest in healthy living. Keep in mind that the source of many health issues are undetermined but if you remove synthetic and steroid body and hair care from your daily routine, you will be closer to a healthy living.
HPB Organic is made from botanical and authentic herbs and oil put together for sensitive and dry skin. Repair and maintain your skin with this antioxidant treatment to tightnen, firm, protect you from UV ray and restore lost nutrients from your skin.
HPB-Organic Body Cream is designed for people with dry skin, eczema prone skin, ageing skin and sensitive skin This products has been used to solve Hair and Skin problem from severe skin problem to normal and shining skin.

Wish you the best on your journey with Health Perfect Beauty Products!